Why Corinth


It is important for Corinth to not only advise, but to partner with our clients to accomplish their goals.  We believe that investing in our diverse teams, so they can deliver their best, also benefits our clients. We believe that you must work hard and believe in your mission in order to win.

That’s why #CorinthWorks


Our culture is our ecosystem. From each diverse and dedicated individual, to our vast teams, to the highest levels on which we thrive, we work together to make each other successful.  At the core of our DNA, ethics is what binds us. Through our daily interactions in how we relate to each other and our clients, we fully embrace our values.

We are creating a culture that commits to higher quality, accountability, and productivity. Each of us does this by fostering an environment where meritocracy thrives and all who are committed may participate in the achievement of success. We believe that this culture of partnership inspires innovation so we may shape tomorrow’s future. Ultimately, it drives us in creating value.


Low 0.75 percent contract access fee: Through GSA MAS (54151HEAL, 54151S) we work within a low contract access fee required by GSA.

Access to multiple types of task orders: The GSA MAS offers fixed price, time and materials, labor hour, blanket purchase agreements, and blended task order types, providing greater flexibility in procuring different types of IT products and services and meeting your mission requirements.

The rate of change we are experiencing today requires the evolution of processes and technology to happen faster than a 12 to 18 month procurement lifecycle. Through our IT Multiple Aware Schedule (MAS), Corinth has been pre-vetted by the General Services Administration (GSA) to provide best in-class services. As vendor with GSA we provide shortened procurement cycles, ensure compliance, and get the best value through shortened competitive cycles.


SBA 8(a) Certification Case: 308272

Faster time to contract while meeting your socio-economic requirements. That’s what Corinth provides as part of our value creation as a Small Business Administration Certified (SBA) 8(a). Given time and financial needs, the Federal Government is looking for an easy way to access the benefits that Corinth is able to provide. Here’s how we can work together through the 8(a) program to increase time to market and solutions:

Directed task orders up to $4 million each: Through the 8(a) program, Corinth is allowed sole-source task order awards for orders under $4 million.

Open Market: If we are working through Open Market orders, the same advantages apply with no access fees and turnarounds as quickly as contracting can work through procurements - sometimes as quick as 5 - 14 days.

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